Advanced Dermal Fillers

Qualification code: LIA/
Credit Value: 6


1 Day


£1750 Plus VAT


Medical Professional

Advanced Dermal Fillers

Qualification code: LIA/
Credit Value: 6


1 Day




Medical Professional

Summary Description

Recognized Advanced Dermal Fillers Course for Medical professionals wanting to gain more advanced treatments in the Aesthetics industry. Learn the two fastest growing and potentially the most profitable non-surgical cosmetic procedures in the aesthetics industry in 1 day. This fully hands-on introductory course meets the legal, theoretical and practical requirements to start working as an aesthetics practitioner. You will receive a recognized certificate at the end of the training day which will allow you to gain insurance and start practicing as a Medical Aesthetic professional.

Course Modules


Anatomy of facial structures.


Dermal Filler procedures.


Theory and practice.


Experience on real clients.


Approved & supported by insurance companies.

Comprehensive, yet precise

If you are a medical professional and want to work in an Advanced Dermal filler niche market, this course is for you. This fast track course gives you a blend of both theory and practical experience on fillers making sure that it is supported and approved by Insurance company. It focuses on Anatomy of facial structures and Dermal Filler procedures to make sure

... by the end of the course the candidate has a high level of competence at performing these services.

You’ll walk away with

A recognised certificate in Advanced Dermal Fillers & Knowledge of:
• Anatomy of facial structures
• Dermal Filler procedures

Course Information

In this course, you'll learn a variety of new skills that will help you launch a career, advance in your field, and enrich your life. Have a look at this course information to get an idea of what we'll cover:

Course Details

This is the Advanced Dermal Fillers of Medical Aesthetics. It is to advance your skills for Medical professionals. The Qualification is focused on learning the advanced techniques of injecting fillers and knowledge of Facial Symmetry. The course will cover both theory and practice, which will be delivered by experienced Medical Practitioners. Our courses take place in a running clinic so you will gain plenty of hands on practical experience on real clients. At the end of this course, you will reach a very high level of competence at performing these services to your patients. You will be assessed on your occupational competence. This Qualification has been approved and supported by Insurance companies.

Entry Requirements

This course is only available to Medical Professionals.


You will have all teaching resources provided, including a notepad pen and iPad to keep all your notes safe. A full uniform will be provided at no extra cost. You will have access to our student portal, which supports you throughout your study. You will be assigned a dedicated tutor to guide and support you until the completion of the course. Access to the Advanced Dermal Fillers equipment will be available for you to use at any time during the course.


Lectures are delivered by experienced Educators. Practical: Our trainers work with aesthetics day in day out, so you will receive the most up to date information. Our courses are run in a specialized aesthetics training organization. We have a number of different aesthetics equipment from different manufacturers, so you can get practical hands-on experience using different devices.
Group Work: You will work in groups to perform consultations and role plays. This breaks the theory up and makes the course a lot more fun and interesting. It refines the understanding of the subject area and allows the opportunity to give and receive feedback on performance.
Discussions: Discussions are encouraged throughout the training, this allows reflective thinking, which leads to a deeper understanding of the subject area. There are a lot of differing opinions on the types of Lasers and parameters to use and a discussion clarifies any issues.
Assignments: This satisfies the theory part of the qualification. Assignments will need to be completed for each of the modules. We will provide you with detailed course material that will allow you to complete the assignments. You can work on the assignments at your own pace, however the quicker you complete them, the quicker you will receive your qualification. 100% support and help will be provided for you to complete this part of the study program.
Observations: This satisfies the practical part of the qualification. You will be required to perform treatments on real clients under assessment conditions. We will ensure that you are 100% ready for this part of the course by providing you with enough practical experience.
Portfolio: As part of this course, you will be required to produce a portfolio. All evidence will need to be documented in the portfolio and cross-referred to unit outcomes.
Constructing the portfolio should not be left to the end, and we will help you to do this step by step as you go along on this course. Independent Study: You will be required to perform some independent study on this course. This will enable you to tailor the general course materials to your own interests and requirements and develop your learning style.

Tuition Fees

£1750 includes the following:
Assessment Fees

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